Making connections among people or groups of a like kind is what being a Chamber member is all about. It creates new business contacts.

Reach the Pittsburgh Market with our Billboards. Ambridge Chamber members are given preference over non-members to advertise in available space on our billboards located at Rt.65 and 8th Street and at Rt.65 and 19th Street. The billboards are located approximately 13 miles from downtown Pittsburgh.

We currently have a couple of billboard spots available for rent. Located on the Ohio River Blvd., these billboards are viewed by approximately 35,000 people every day traveling to and from Pittsburgh, according to Penn Dot estimates. The boards are 4′ tall and 12′ wide. We are currently renting them to Chamber Members for $100 per month with a 12 month contract. As a special promo, we are giving the first three months free before the 12 month billing begins. This gives you 15 months for the price of 12, enabling you to use the first 3 months rent to pay for the creation of your billboard.

Click Here for more billboard rental information.

    Chamber members have access to group advertising rates in several local publications. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars in a years time.
    Reach our entire membership by advertising in our monthly newsletter. Advertising space starts at an unbelievably low $5.00. In addition to this, you will also be kept informed about what is happening with the chamber and in the area.
    Receive a web page on our website devoted exclusively to your business or organization. Rather than just a contact information listing like most chambers give you, we provide you with a comprehensive webpage including up to four photos and 400 words of text describing you business. Restaurants and Pizza Shops may even have their entire menu posted on their AACC web page! In addition to this, your AACC web page will be designed to be found by the major search engines. This makes for a great way to have an internet presence if you do not have a website and a great way to funnel more traffic to your website if you do have one. There is no extra charge for this service!
    You will receive a listing and hyperlink to your AACC web page from the appropriate pages on the very popular regional directories for Allegheny, Beaver and Butler Counties published by MyHomeTownLinks.Com. With this exclusive feature, people who are looking for your products or services but would never think to go to a chamber of commerce website are directed directly to your chamber web page. Once again, there is no extra charge for this AACC exclusive feature!
    Chamber members can receive a directory of all the members that includes the business name, contact name, address and phone number.
    Every Chamber member is invited to join with the Board of Directors for the Annual Family Picnic for a day filled with good food, fellowship, games and surprises at no charge to you or your family.
    Not everyone has a fax machine, but as a Chamber member you may send or receive local faxes free at the Chamber office. For long distance calls you may send a fax for $1.00 per page.
    Use of the photocopy machine at the Chamber office for up to 100 copies per month is free; $.03 per copy over 100 copies.
    Members may post free of charge any job openings that they may have on our
    Job Search Page.
    Members offer discounts to and receive discounts from other chamber members on our Chamber Discounts Page.
    Members may post free of charge any rental openings that they may have on our Members Renting Page.

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