Recalling our Spiritual Heritage: Keystone state Pennsylvania

The state is officially called the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. So it is indicated in all government documents and on maps. Our region has a reputation as a great place, which is great for study, work and leisure. Along with this, we must not forget that it is the birthplace of US independence. In connection with this, another name for Pennsylvania became quite common and almost the second official: Keystone State. Such a name implies a great love and respect of the country’s inhabitants for the region, which played one of the main roles in the victory of the American Revolution.

Pennsylvania nowadays

Today Pennsylvania is a state that is one of the most prosperous in the United States. Its population is more than twelve million people. This is the sixth indicator in the country. It is stability and well-being that we can fully enjoy today that give us the opportunity for self-realization in any industry and direction. Today we do not need to choose and hesitate between government jobs vs private jobs, because living here, we are firmly confident in the future.

The basis for the local economy is agriculture. In addition to this, industries such as high-tech production and mining are quite developed. These are industries that require special professional skills and appropriate training. But excellent Topresume specialists, an overview of whose service you will find here, will help you to create a worthy resume and win the attention of your employer

The state boasts a fairly low crime and unemployment rate, a high standard of living for local citizens, as well as first-class health and educational systems. All these aspects give the right to call Pennsylvania a great place for all activities and leisure. People feel comfortable and cozy both in large megacities and in small remote communities.

But as wonderful as today was not always. Let’s recall together the outstanding events that have turned Pennsylvania into our beloved and safe home.

Civil War and Independence

First Europeans

Pennsylvania is the state where the first settlers from Europe were the Dutch and Swedes. In 1681, the English Quaker William Penn received a spacious territory from King Charles II as a gift, which was located on the western side of the Delaware River.

A year later, he founded a colony, which later became a shelter for Protestants and others who were persecuted for their faith. After some time, William founded the city of Philadelphia, which over time became one of the most developed in the United States.

Civil War and Independence

While the whole of North America was engulfed by civil war, Pennsylvania took an active part in it and found itself at the very epicenter of hostile invasion and massive battles. Here, his representatives spoke on the side of the “northerners.”

Many historians claim that the battle that took place near Gettysburg in the month of July 1863 was a turning point in the confrontation. As a result of the battle, nearly 43 thousand people were killed on both sides.

In 1776, the state constitution was officially announced. Then in Philadelphia, during the Second Continental Congress, the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Eleven years later, the Union Constitution was ratified. Pennsylvania is a state for which the post-war period was marked by the most rapid industrial and economic development, the consolidation of the ruling state forces, as well as population growth, compared with other regions.

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